Letters To The Editor About Voter ID

States all across the country either have or are trying to pass voter ID laws. 

In addition to calling and showing up, writing a letter to the editor in your local newspaper is one of the surest ways to get the attention of the people in your district — and your state legislators.

Don't know if your state has voter ID laws? Check here.

Writing Letters To The Editor sounds harder than it is. 

Read KU’s Community Toolbox on Writing Letters to the Editor to get started.

Statistics are everything.

Here are some articles with great stats on voter ID. State-specific statistics are hard to find but watch this space, Spread The Vote is doing a really awesome research project! Until then, take a look at these stats and the sample LTEs below. 

ACLU Voter ID Fact Sheet 

Brennan Center Myth of Voter Fraud

Brennan Center Voter ID Analysis

Spread The Vote Voter ID Statistics


Below are sample letters to the editor. Watch this space. We're working to get letters for all 19 photo ID states and every state considering voter ID laws up soon. Don't see your state? Use the National template and tailor it with personal and state-specific information. 

Like most things, letters to the editor are most effective when they tell personal stories. Have you or someone you love been affected by a voter ID law? Do you know someone who fought for voting rights in the past? Why is it important to you that all Americans have the fundamental right to vote? Tell your story.

Examples of great letters to the editor:

How Tennessee's Voter ID Law Silenced Me


Find where to submit by searching Google for “submit letter to editor [newspaper]”. Swap out [newspaper] with the name of your local publication. For most, this will result in a simple form to submit your letter like this.


Once you’re done, help others get inspiration by sharing screenshots of your letter with #spreadthevote. Tag your local, state, and national reps as well. And if you tag us (@SpreadTheVoteUS) we'll RT it and we'll even feature some of the letters in our newsletter!

h/t to Derek Nelson at the re:act Newsletter for helping us with this awesome guide. You should seriously subscribe.