21 million Americans don't have photo ID. If they live in a strict voter ID state, they can't vote. Volunteer to help Americans win back their fundamental right to vote.


We love our volunteers! Whether you live in a voter ID state or not, there are a lot of ways that you can help us fight voter suppression. 


If you live in a voter ID state

If Spread The Vote has launched in your state you can sign up to volunteer with a local chapter or start your own chapter. Just visit your state page by clicking the link below:

If you don't live in a voter ID state

There are voting rights issues in every single state! Visit Rock The Vote to find out how you can get involved in your state, from increasing voter turnout to fighting for Automatic Voter Registration and more!



Don't have time to volunteer? Donate HERE, follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook), and tell your friends about Spread The Vote!

Questions? Email hello@spreadthevote.org!