21 million eligible voters in the US do not have photo ID

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About 5 in 10 eligible voters didn't cast a ballot in the 2018 midterm elections.

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An estimated 117,181,591 eligible voters didn't vote in the 2018 midterm elections.


This is where Spread the Vote comes in.

We want to increase voter participation in America because our democracy depends on it.


Who Doesn’t Vote?

The largest population of voters in America is people who are registered to vote, but don’t turnout at the polls. Why not? Challenges with transportation, childcare, voter education, and more keep people from showing up on election day.



voters ages 18-49 stay home

66% of eligible voters who don’t go to the polls are under 50. Why? The challenges of jobs, families, and civic education.

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low incomes = big challenges

More than half of nonvoters in 2016 had a family income of less than $30K. This means more challenges when heading to the polls, like taking time off of work and paying for childcare.

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Have a high school education

A slim majority of nonvoters only have a high school education. Voter education is something that is needed by every voter in America, regardless of their educational background.


What We Do

  • obtain ids for eligible voters in voter id states

  • Make election guides for real people

  • create digital and real-world educational tools

  • Educate voters 365 days a year

  • Help voters make and execute a plan to vote


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