About our Logo 

Our past informs our future


When we started Spread The Vote, we were thinking about the future of our country. Who gets to have an ID? Who gets full access to the opportunities of citizenship? Who gets to vote? And what would our country look like if everyone who wanted a job could have one? If everyone who wanted a home could find a safe place to sleep at night? If everyone who wanted to go to the polls had everything they need to vote? We started Spread The Vote looking forward.

But, we also started by looking back. Looking at the history that brought us here. Looking at the battles that we have fought before. 

Our North Carolina-based volunteer designer, Katie Earley, used those questions as inspiration for our logo. She found photos of the 1963 March On Washington and was struck by the bold phrase "WE DEMAND", followed by all of the things those warriors were marching for: Equal Rights NOW, First Class Citizenship NOW, Jobs For All NOW, Decent Housing NOW, and of course, Voting Rights NOW. She took that phrase and turned it into our logo and every day we remember the courage of the past as we fight for a better future.