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Each month, the Voter Ed team will release content packages centered around a frequently asked voter question. The packages will include materials like:

  • Printable handout with state-specific guidance

  • Short lesson plan for teaching the topic and a presentation to go with it

  • Flyers for advertising the program

You can use all these materials together, or simply take what you need. Read on to learn about the topics we've covered. If you're interested in becoming a partner, sign up using the form below.



Voter ID

Many individuals within the voting population can recall a time when voting was as simple as showing up to your polling place, saying your name to the poll worker, locating your name and address on the voting roster, and then voting. However, this no longer describes the voting process for registered voters living in voter ID states. Currently, there are 34 voter ID states, in which a registered voter has to present some form of identification in order to cast a regular ballot.

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