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State Voter Laws 

In the state of Virginia, you have to have a government issued photo ID to vote. You can vote with one of these IDs:

  • Valid Virginia Driver’s License or Identification Card

  • Valid Virginia DMV issued Veteran’s ID card

  • Valid United States Passport

  • Other government-issued photo identification cards (must be issued by US Government, the Commonwealth of Virginia, or a political subdivision of the Commonwealth)

  • Tribal enrollment or other tribal ID issued by one of 11 tribes recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia

  • Valid college or university student photo identification card (must be from an institution of higher education located in Virginia)

  • Valid student ID issued by a public school or private school in Virginia displaying a photo

  • Employee identification card containing a photograph of the voter and issued by an employer of the voter in the ordinary course of the employer’s business

Don't have one of these IDs? Don't worry, we can help. Fill out a short form HERE, text us at (323) 694-0738, or email us at and we can help you go through all of the steps and pay all of the fees to get your ID!


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